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Gracie's Growing Up

Friday, May 15, 2009

Just Plain CUTE!

Gracie seems to LOVE chocolate! And, of course, she is learning how to use a spoon and fork so she is no longer happy just letting us feed her the cake or ice cream! She wants to do it "all by herself" as Julia would say!
Into the chocolate again at Julia's Spring Playschool Program. Did you ever see such BLUE eyes?
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A Year in Playschool Pictures

Well, our first year of Playschool has come to an end and we have had such a WONDERFUL year! I thought that we could share our FIRSTS at Playschool with you all through our pictures! Above is Julia's FIRST day of school and she was so excited to be going to her "daddy's school!"
Our FIRST Christmas program (with Santa and Gracie, of course) at Playschool! Julia loves performing and we got to hear LOTS of songs that Ryan remembered from his days so long ago! :)
And our FIRST Spring Program day which was also our last day of school for the year! Julia has made LOTS of friends at Playschool, but the friend that we hear about the most is Katy who is pictured with her above. They are going to be in the same class again next year so we hope to hear many more stories! Thanks to all of Julia's teachers for a wonderful FIRST year of Playschool and we look forward to two more!
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