Julia's Growing Up

Gracie's Growing Up

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Back to School!

Well, we've been in school for a little over a month now but I'm just now getting these pictures up!  Julia started SECOND grade this year and Gracie started KINDERGARTEN!  Both girls are at the same school!
These girls sure like to pose especially with each other!
Sweet sisters!
My little Kindergartner!
My Second grader!
Julia has Mrs. Marley this year
We had to stop for a picture in front of Julia's classroom door!  How cute is this apple?!?!?
Gracie has Mrs. Angie this year for Kindergarten
Gracie has a fish theme this year so her classroom door has all the little "fishies" decorating it!
First full day with both girls going to school!  They are having a great year so far and love being at the same school together!  Hope it stays this way for a while! :)

Saturday, July 06, 2013

Fast Forward to Summer....Beach Trip 2013

After missing a trip to the beach last year (home renovations!), we met Granny & Dandaddy, Will & Katie, and aunt Carol & uncle Bobby for a few sunny days on 30A this year.  These girls love the sand, the water, and everything beach related!
 Gracie got her daddy to make her a mermaid tail! He makes her one every year-she'll probably be married and with her own children and he'll still be building her a mermaid tail out of sand every year! :)
 We tricked a few folks on the beach with the old "look at all the FISH we caught in our cooler trick!"  Julia was a good sport to be buried from the neck down in the sand!
 We caught the most gorgeous sunset one evening!  Of course, my most favorite part of this picture is the two little sisters hand in hand!
 Of course we had to have a "photo shoot" while we were out on the beach!
Sweet sisters!
 Posing for the camera (and her mommy!)
 This girl is serious about her castle building-must get that from her daddy!
Little Miss Thing!  We had a great time at the beach!  Thanks Granny and Dandaddy for inviting us!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Gracie Turns FIVE!

 Gracie turned FIVE in February and wanted to have a Lalaloopsy birthday party so we gathered up all of our Lalaloopsy dolls and threw a lala-lovely party for the birthday girl!
 Just a sample of the dolls that came to the party!
 We made bead necklaces, had sparkly crowns (in honor of Jewel Sparkles, Gracie's favorite Lalaloopsy doll) and played pin the crown on Jewel!
 Gracie gets a turn "pinning" the crown on Jewel.  The girls all had a FUN time with that game!
 These three girls here are three peas in a pod and I love how Julia and Mia both have their lips ready to help Gracie blow out the candles!
She got them ALL!  We had a wonderful party with so many of our closest "girly" friends and got to celebrate a special little girl! These past five years have been an adventure but she sure is a sweet, kind, funny and loving little girl!

Charlie & Gracie's Birthday Celebrations

 Our cousin (and nephew) Charlie turned ONE right before Gracie's FIFTH birthday so we went to Memphis the weekend before Gracie's birthday to help him celebrate!  Aunt Suzanne had cute animal crafts for the kiddos so the girls were convinced that Charlie was NOW old enough to color and do crafts!  They just can't wait for him to get "big(ger!)"
 It sure is hard to get a one year old to smile AND look at the camera at the same time so we just went with the look!
 Trying out his first ever cupcake (Aunt Suzi and Uncle Kelly were adventurous with chocolate!).
 We came home and got to celebrate Gracie's birthday at school ON her birthday!  She got to take a special birthday snack to school and got to be "princess" for a day!
 Ms. Becky always leads the children in the happy birthday song and each child gets a chance to put their "number" up on the birthday cake while they are being sung too!  Such a special time!
She got her birthday sticker!  Happy FIFTH birthday Gracie!  We are so proud of you and love you so much!

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Ballet Tea Party

 Gracie went to a Ballet Tea party at her dance studio back in January and got a chance to get all dressed up for a fancy tea.  She got her selection of a crown to wear....doesn't EVERY princess need a crown?
 And it fits perfectly!
 Getting all dolled up with makeup (lipstick and eyeshadow) before the parents were kicked out for the "real" tea party!
 Beautiful girl!

Bye mommy!  I'm all ready for my party!

Thursday, February 07, 2013

Lucky Number SEVEN!

 Julia had a Pajama party for her birthday so all her friends came to her party in their pj's.  We strung fruit loop necklaces, danced in our pj's at the Pajama Jam, and made sure that we had lots of BIRTHDAY cake to celebrate!

 Getting ready to blow out SEVEN candles!
 Ready, set, BLOW out those candles, Julia!
 Guess it's official, this sweet girl has turned SEVEN!
All the little girls enjoyed the pajama jam!  I just love this picture of Julia!  She's definitely having fun, don't you think?
 There's nothing better than having your best friends at your birthday party!  Especially if you're in your comfy pj's!
 We had a great time celebrating Julia!  She's definitely a fun loving, dancing through life, sweet little blessing!

Saturday, February 02, 2013

The Littlest Reindeer

The first grade presented "The Littlest Reindeer" for their yearly musical back in December and it was a success!  Julia was one of Santa's dollies and was one of the cutest little toys in his sleigh!
 Look how animated they all were!
"What, Santa?"
 Smile your "cheesy" smiles!  Great job FIRST grade (and Mrs. Leslie!).  We look forward to many more musicals!