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Gracie's Growing Up

Friday, June 22, 2012

Recital Time!

 A little behind on our posting, but both girls had their annual dance recital a couple of weeks ago! They did a great job and enjoyed being on stage!  Here are a few highlights!
 Gracie leads her group out with a cute little wave!
 Cute little dancers!
 Gracie was the leader for her group to do "leapfrog" so she got to be in charge of who went next. It was adorable!
 Julia's group enters the stage!
 Dancing away in their tap portion!
 Cute little gymnast down front!
 All done, you did great girls!
 Gracie with her teacher, Mrs. Kim Borden!
 Julia with her teacher, Mrs. Kim Turner!
 Pretty girl with all of her pretty flowers!
Gracie talked us into a ballerina cupcake after recital.