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Thursday, July 19, 2012

St Louis Trip

We took a little weekend trip to St. Louis right before the Fourth of July and got to see all the sights while we were there.  It was HOT, but we made an afternoon trip to Grant's Farm, a trip to the NEW American Girl store, the Magic House and a St Louis Cardinals game!
Feeding the goats at Grant's Farm.  It was much easier to do this from the other side of the fence.  They get a little too happy with the small children that are holding milk/food for them so we moved to the safety of the fence! :)
Always time for a carousel ride with daddy!

Stopping for a slushie treat to cool us down!
The girls loved the Magic House (St Louis Children's Museum), they were construction workers, President and a judge!

Watch out, Gracie looks like she has official Presidential business to attend to!

Judge Julia

These girls can find an American Girl store if given the chance, well, really we told them about it!

We had a break from the heat the night of the Cardinals game and they WON against the Rockies!

Ryan and Julia with the 2011 World Series Trophy!  What a great little weekend trip and time spent with family!