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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Katie & Will's Waynesboro Weekend!

We spent a weekend down in Mississippi at the Lomax "compound" for Katie and Will's engagement party! We had lots of fun cleaning, decorating, swimming, and just hanging out with family. We did manage to stop for a picture of the "girls" before all the partying got underway!
All the inlaws and "outlaws" We actually are a good looking bunch, don't you think?
Gracie was a little shy during the first part of the party because she was missing her big sister! Julia had a BUSY day and fell asleep 30 minutes before the party started and napped until two hours into it!
What's a pig roast without the pig! Thanks Uncle Bobby for all the cooking! You did a great job and everyone enjoyed it!!!!
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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Baby Ballerinas

Here's the video of "Baby Ballerinas" that Julia performed on her last day of ballet camp! We have a rising star!!!! When are those Nutcracker auditions? Enjoy!!!!

Julia's Ballet Camp

Julia had ballet camp last week which was capped off by a mini-performance on Friday! She looked so cute and sweet in her PINK leotard, tights and new ballet shoes!
Learning some new ballet poses!
Looks like she's got it now!!! This dance (named Baby Ballerinas!) was so sweet. I will try to post the video on here for you all to see!
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Thursday, July 08, 2010

Happy Fourth & Swimming!!!!

We went to the 52nd annual Pine Tree Parade (the neighborhood just down from ours) last weekend and had a blast! Zoe invited us to her neighborhood and was such a great hostess (as well as her mom, dad, and baby brother!) We enjoyed decorating the wagon and waving to all the bystanders! It's always fun to be in a parade!
Stopping for a cool drink with Zoe!
Julia passed Level 2 at swim lessons this week! She has been working really hard on her swimming skills lately and has turned into quite the little fish in the pool! She is SO proud of her new white ribbon! Be sure to ask her about it if you see her! :)
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