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Gracie's Growing Up

Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas - Part 2 (The Lomaxes)

We went down to Mississippi to spend Christmas weekend with the Lomaxes (Granny, Dandaddy, Kelly, Suzanne, Will and Katie). Katie (above with girls) will be a Lomax in April when we go down to Florida for their wedding, but she made the trip so we include her as an "honorary" aunt for a few more months! It sure was fun to have EVERYONE together at the same time at Granny and Dandaddy's house!
Will, the future groom with the girls
The boys (and their wives, almost Katie!!!) with Julia and Gracie. Presents were opened after this picture so it got a little wild-definitely the calm before the storm!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas - Part 1 (The Roys)

We had Christmas with the Roys (Neena, Pappy, Sara Nan, and Adam and Mel) on the day before Christmas Eve. We had lots of presents to open and entertained ourselves with dancing (a MUST for Julia)!
Showing off her Christmas ("I am SO excited that it's Christmas") dance!
Posing for a pic with Neena with the snowman plate that they picked out at Macy's for her! Stay tuned for more - next up, Christmas with the Lomaxes!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Polar Express

We took a little trip this weekend to Chattanooga to ride the Polar Express. We put on our jammies, got on the train on Sunday night and headed to the North Pole to see Santa and his workshop. The girls were just a *little* excited!
Santa hopped on the train car and got our last minute additions to our Christmas lists!
We assured him that we had been *very* good this year!
After our train ride, we slept in a train car and we even got tucked in by two of Santa's elves! We are now ready for Christmas and can hardly wait for Christmas Eve!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Playschool Christmas

Today was Playschool Christmas program day (as well as Julia's REAL birthday). Both sets (MWF and TTH) of Playschool children were at the program today so there were 96 two, three and four year olds and they all did GREAT! Here are some picture highlights of our children! Julia was happy to see us in the crowd!
Gracie was a great performer for her first Playschool program! She is getting ready to ring her bells for "Jingle Bells"
We stopped for a picture with Mrs. Penny before everyone had to leave. Wish we could have made some pics with some of our other favorite teachers, but there were people everywhere!
Santa even came at the end for the party! We made sure that he had our most updated Christmas lists! Hopefully he will make a stop at our house this year-we've been mostly good!!!! :)

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Playschool Birthday Celebration

Julia's actual birthday (12/15) will be Christmas party day so she got to celebrate early at Playschool with birthday snacks. She got a cute sticker to wear all day, the children all sang to her and she even got a cute little "certificate" from the teachers to celebrate!
She and one of her best buds, Meredith, from 3 years of Playschool both got to celebrate their birthdays together! Their birthdays are just a week apart! Happy birthday sweet girls!
Posing with Mrs. Penny and the "Happy Birthday" sign that they get to put their birthday number on! We love us some Playschool and are so glad that we got to celebrate with all of our friends and Playschool teachers!

Birthday Girl is FIVE!

Julia had her FIFTH birthday party on Saturday and we had a great time! We invited all of our friends to bring their favorite doll and we had an "American Girl" style tea party! Even though it was cold and rainy outside, everyone was warm with wishes and fun inside!
Birthday girl hard at work on her crafts!
Little sister posing with her doll-thanks Neena for the matching dresses for the babies!
Cute pic of all the girls at our house (yes, the babies are our girls too)! Julia gets a whole week of birthday celebration so stay tuned for more pics of the celebrations!

Thursday, December 09, 2010

Storytime with Santa

We got a chance to go see Santa at the Bank of Jackson on Tuesday! He made a visit to check up on the boys and girls and to read them "Twas the Night before Christmas" while he was there! The girls enjoyed seeing him and visiting with their friends! I thought that this picture was adorable of Julia and her friend Andrew-they are getting ready to hug!!! :)
Letting Santa know all that we want for Christmas!
Sweet girls listening to the story from Santa and his helpers. Merry Christmas everyone!