Julia's Growing Up

Gracie's Growing Up

Monday, May 31, 2010

Downtown Florence

We found a horse in downtown Florence on Friday night so we had to hop on! What a cute set of cowgirls!
Giddy up!!!
Then we went over to the campus of UNA to see the lions in their outside habitat! They were sleeping by the time we got there (yeah, at 7:00 pm), but we did find some small lions made out of marble that were just as fun for the girls to see!
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Our Alabama Weekend

We took a weekend trip down to Florence, AL for the Memorial Day weekend and had a blast! We all loved the fountains, waterslide and just overall swimming in the pool. LOVE this expression on Julia's face as the fountains "got her!"
The little fish-she spent most of her time {WITHOUT} her floaties, but wanted them for her deepwater swimming! She is doing so great at swimming on her own!
Where the girls spent ALL of their time during the day! Even Gracie got adventurous and got pretty far into the water (well, at least for her!)
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Sunday, May 23, 2010

First Pool Day 2010

We had a great Sunday afternoon in the pool - the first of many for the summer season! These girls just keep growing and learning so much! Julia jumped off the diving board a couple of times (picked right back up from last summer!) and Gracie had so much fun on the steps and practicing her kicking with mommy and daddy!

Taking a break from swimming to "tiptoe in the clover"! :)
Lounging on the raft!
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Sunday, May 09, 2010

A Baseball Game, the Train Museum and the Zoo!

Wow, it's been busy around here lately! The wonderful spring weather has gotten us out enjoying lots of activities! We went to the Diamond Jaxx game and Julia instantly found the cheerleaders (surprise!!).
On one of our rainy Saturdays lately, we went to check out the Casey Jones train museum in town! We had a blast checking out all the trains and mommy and daddy found out lots of neat things about Jackson's most famous train conductor.
We sure are getting lots of use of our Zoo membership this year! We have been five times since November and have a great time each time we go. We met our friends that were home from Iowa this past weekend and had a little zoo playdate with the kiddos (and adults!).
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Happy Mother's Day from Two SWEET Girls!

Happy Mother's Day to our mommy and grandmothers, Granny and Neena. Just wanted to share a few pics of these cute girls doing what they do best....smiling and loving on their sister!

Thanks for being the sweet girls that you are! You make me a proud mommy!!!!
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