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Thursday, February 07, 2013

Lucky Number SEVEN!

 Julia had a Pajama party for her birthday so all her friends came to her party in their pj's.  We strung fruit loop necklaces, danced in our pj's at the Pajama Jam, and made sure that we had lots of BIRTHDAY cake to celebrate!

 Getting ready to blow out SEVEN candles!
 Ready, set, BLOW out those candles, Julia!
 Guess it's official, this sweet girl has turned SEVEN!
All the little girls enjoyed the pajama jam!  I just love this picture of Julia!  She's definitely having fun, don't you think?
 There's nothing better than having your best friends at your birthday party!  Especially if you're in your comfy pj's!
 We had a great time celebrating Julia!  She's definitely a fun loving, dancing through life, sweet little blessing!

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