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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Gracie Turns FIVE!

 Gracie turned FIVE in February and wanted to have a Lalaloopsy birthday party so we gathered up all of our Lalaloopsy dolls and threw a lala-lovely party for the birthday girl!
 Just a sample of the dolls that came to the party!
 We made bead necklaces, had sparkly crowns (in honor of Jewel Sparkles, Gracie's favorite Lalaloopsy doll) and played pin the crown on Jewel!
 Gracie gets a turn "pinning" the crown on Jewel.  The girls all had a FUN time with that game!
 These three girls here are three peas in a pod and I love how Julia and Mia both have their lips ready to help Gracie blow out the candles!
She got them ALL!  We had a wonderful party with so many of our closest "girly" friends and got to celebrate a special little girl! These past five years have been an adventure but she sure is a sweet, kind, funny and loving little girl!

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Anonymous said...

its great to see some updates! no worries-you are more caught up than me at this point!!